Going dotty for Bravissimo’s Dotty Spot

I was recently my 19th birthday, which for me means I have rather a few new bras and clothes to write about, the first of which is the Bravissimo Dotty Spot.

I have previously tried out this bra in Bravissimo, which I wrote about here, and wrote it off for being too pointy. Well…turns out I’m a very weak person, and I can’t continue to resist a retro-styled polka-dot bra, even an overly pointy one.

After owning the Alana for a while I have been getting used to a having slightly pointier profile, and not seeing much else of interest, I decided to take the plunge and get the Dotty Spot, in both colours, in a 30JJ. Though it’s quite clearly still very pointy, I’ve been finding the shape does indeed settle over time and is fairly wearable. It has fully adjustable (albeit stretchy) straps, three sets of hooks and eyes, and is made of a stiff material which is very supportive. As before, I am still getting very slight wrinkling at the bottom/overspill at the top, due to fullness on top, something I seem to get with all Bravissimo bras, but it isn’t enough to put me off.  The profile takes some getting used to, but for this beautiful pattern, in both colours, I think I can just about manage.

When I last tried on the aqua/red there was only a 30K available, so it was quite a relief to find the 30JJ okay. The fit is fairly similar in both bras. Both run slightly large in the cup, which results in some wrinkling and needs a lot of adjusting to get right, but it has started settling to my shape over time. I have found the band quite true to size, despite reviews claiming it comes up loose – perhaps this is more noticeable in larger back sizes? The black/café has a rounder profile than the pointier aqua/red, yet I find myself preferring the aqua – it gives a more natural, uplifted pointiness, compared to the peculiar combination of pointy-but-rounded I get in the black.

I am finding my shape generally works quite well with Bravissimo’s underwires – my breasts are fairly close-set, and with a central gore width of 2cm, these are some of the best fitting wires I’ve found for me, although slightly narrower would be even better. However in this bra, the gore also digs into/irritates my sternum throughout the day, which gets quite uncomfortable. I don’t have this problem in any of my other Bravissimo bras (which all seem to use the same wires), but I have it in both of these, which is odd to say the least. If anyone has an explanation it’d be very welcome!

Aside from the gore slightly digging in, it is a very comfortable, beautiful bra. I have also discovered that as well as the excellent in-store service, buying from Bravissimo online is fantastic: postage is covered for any returns or exchanges, meaning you only pay for postage once, no matter how many times you exchange. I adore the service given by Bravissimo, and above all, I adore this bra. This is a definite must for any lover of retro or pin-up fashion!

5 thoughts on “Going dotty for Bravissimo’s Dotty Spot

  1. This is one of the bras that I definitely want to get (but just can’t afford at the moment). Are the returns covered just in the UK or internationality too???

  2. Reacting a bit late to your comment about the wire digging in your sternum. I don’t have an explanation either, but this is my favourite bra, partly because this is the only one I currently own with the gore sitting on my sternum (without alteration). I’m very close-set and the wire usually ends up sitting on my breast tissue.

  3. I have the aqua/red spotty one, and yes it is pointy, but it’s so darned cute I couldn’t bear to send it back! I figure I wear it under some more vintage-style dresses and it should look right at home. 🙂

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