Banishing Button-strain with BiuBiu

I have recently been persuaded to join a local choir for a Christmas concert, meaning I had to hunt out a smart white shirt for the occasion. Eep. Luckily, with options from brands such as Pepperberry, Urkye, Carissa Rose and Campell & Kate, this isn’t the daunting task it was once. Taking into account size range, price and the fact it had to be plain white, I chose to try out BiuBiu’s Vanity Fair, which came to £53 for two shirts, including delivery to the UK.

Vanity Fair 40BBB main

Going by the tailored clothing size chart, with 109cm bust, 75cm waist, I would ideally need a 38BBBB. Rather than risking buttons pinging off mid-concert in a 38BBB, I went for a 40BBB to get enough bust room, meaning it’s slightly looser in the body than I’d prefer. However, I definitely need every inch of space in the bust, so I think I made the right choice! This is straight out of the post and unironed, so please forgive the wrinkles! The Vanity Fair is made to flare out over the hips, so it’s very pear/hourglass friendly. I think a 38 would be just right on my hips, and would (hopefully) eliminate the extra bit of material between the shoulder blades. But, I think it still looks fantastic in a 40 (and will no doubt look miles better once I’ve ironed it)!

Vanity Fair 40BBB angles
The fit is perfect on my bust, and I find the cut very flattering – I particularly love the shape of the neckline! The material is quite soft with some stretch, but it isn’t the thickest in the world: I’m wearing it here with my yellow Cleo Lucy (the closest thing to nude I own), and it’s just about visible. I don’t think I’ll quite get away with my favoured colourful, patterned bras! The buttonholes are horizontal rather than vertical, and the buttons are square rather than circular, two details which help massively when it comes to gapping and spontaneous undoing. The sleeves are made very long, which may be something to keep in mind if you often have trouble with sleeve length.

Vanity Fair 40BBB styled
Finally, this is how I’d be likely to style this! I’m a huge fan of high waisted skirts, waist belts and rolled up sleeves, and ideally I think this would look great with chunky red/black jewellery. It’s pretty rare to find me in an untucked shirt, but it’s great having the option of either. Nice work, BiuBiu!

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