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Aren’t You Sweet?

The Dotty Spot from Bravissimo is one of my all-time favourite bras, which I have previously reviewed in both the Black/Café and Aqua/Red colourways. This will be a fairly short post, as I covered the bra in-depth in my first review. The design disappeared for a few seasons, but it returned this summer in a wonderful Red/Ivory colourway (eep)! I adore polka dots, and the combination of red and white never fails to make me feel like a sexy Minnie Mouse. On that note…

IMG_20130922_225528 W

…Okay, I just wanted to throw in one of my holiday snaps 😛 This is one of the sets I wore while at Disneyland, featuring the wonderful Dotty Spot, some semi-matching La Senza knickers and the obligatory Minnie ears. At the moment, my usual size is 30K (30KK in Bravissimo Alana, 30JJ in Panache Jasmine), but the Dotty Spot runs slightly larger than most other Bravissimo balconettes by about half a cup. My older Dotty Spots fit about half a cup small, so I decided to try this colourway in a 30K, expecting it to be perhaps half a cup big. My sizing guess was right – I get some slight wrinkling along the upper seam in this size, but not enough to size down without getting overspill. If you are between cup sizes, you may find you need your smaller cup size in this bra.

I do find that I’m slightly too full-on-top and centre-heavy for most Bravissimo balconettes, as they are more suited to those with more outer/bottom-heavy breasts. This means I get slight wrinkling at the bottom and overspill at the centre, but these are really just minor issues with the shape. I think it would be best suited to those with a mid-width root, a lot of projection, and even to bottom heavy breasts.

Dotty Spot Red 30K close1watermarked

I was happy to find that this colourway retains all the wonderful qualities of the previous ones. The cups are constructed of a gorgeous polka-dot laminate material, which is very secure and supportive. This bra definitely brings you up and centre, with a lot of projection and a beautifully retro pointed shape. The pointiness may not be to everyone’s tastes, but I am personally a big fan, as I find it to be quite youthful under clothes. The straps are fully adjustable, and the true-to-size band fastens with 3 sets of hooks and eyes. I did find that the first eye I fasten the band onto has already started coming loose, something which shouldn’t happen, however, in my experience, Bravissimo will return or exchange any bras that start doing this. The wires are fairly standard for Bravissimo, so fairly mid-width with a narrow but high gore – I could personally do with slightly narrower wires and a lower gore, as they are about a thumb too wide at the sides and can irritate in the middle due to me being close-set. I didn’t have any issues with the sides being too high, which was a huge relief to me. Overall I found this bra to be great, both in terms of comfort and appearance, and I would definitely recommend trying it if you like the style.

The Dotty Spot is currently available for £29 at Bravissimo, with a size range of 28 E-J, 30-38 DD-K.


Brastop Awards 2013

BrastopAwards2013HeaderBrastop are one of my favourite retailers, stocking high quality D-K lingerie at bargain prices. They have grown and grown over the years, and today, Brastop are launching the Brastop Awards.
There are seven awards for different categories, with the winners to be chosen by public vote. You can select as many of your favourites as you like in each category, with the option of naming any other bloggers you would like to add recognition to.

– Best for Lingerie
– Best for Swimwear
– Best Lingerie Blogger
– Best Sports Brand
– Best Brastop Model
– Best for Maternity Wear
– Best Celebrity Curves

To my surprise, my little old blog has been nominated in the category of ‘Best Lingerie Blogger’! I am very flattered to have even been nominated, especially considering the other blogs in the category – I definitely have some big competition! I’m not going to get my hopes up for winning, but if you do enjoy my blog or find it useful, I would love it if you could vote for me.

To vote, go to the Brastop Facebook page any time before the end of 23rd October. Thank you!


What Katie Did ‘Morticia’ Corset


What Katie Did are a UK-based brand, who specialise in recreating a huge variety of vintage lingerie. While they sell everything from stockings to shapewear, what I lusted after for a long time was their selection of corsets – specifically, their Morticia corset. However, given the Morticia’s price tag of £159.50, I was sure that I would never be able to try it. What I wasn’t counting on was their post-Christmas sale, allowing me to bag my very own Morticia at a very reasonable price! And yes, I did mean post-Christmas – this review has been a long time coming! As you might have guessed from the above picture, I did recently have a just-for-fun photoshoot, so that gave me the push I needed to get around to writing this review.

WKD Wrapping and How to card

The Morticia is a steel-boned longline underbust corset, made specifically for very curvy figures. Most average corsets won’t have enough space at the hips for those with a large difference in their waist/hip measurements, meaning that the corset will cut into the hips once laced. To avoid this, the Morticia is made with gored hips, which means it can accommodate a waist/hip difference of 10+ inches. In my case, my waist measurement tends to fluctuate between 28-31 inches, while my lower hips are approximately 42 inches, theoretically making the Morticia a good bet for me. In these pictures I am not wearing anything under the corset, but for proper wear another layer (such as a vest top) should be worn underneath, to protect both your skin and the corset lining.

WKD Morticia 24 -  Gored hips close up

Corsets are sized by their tightest waist measurement, so a size 30 should close down to 30 inches. This means that if you want to reduce your waist, you need to go smaller than your own waist measurement, usually by around 4-5 inches. Going by this suggests either a 24 or 26 would be a good size for me. I had heard that the Morticia is easier to reduce in than many other corsets, due to being made to accommodate hips. Because of this, I decided to go straight for a 24, though I think a 26 would have been plenty small enough for me. One important note: you shouldn’t try to lace a new corset tightly for the first few wears, as it needs to be broken in. Significantly tightening the corset straight away can damage the corset or cause injury, so make sure you give it some time before starting to really reduce.

WKD Morticia 24 - On off comparison

The corseted picture is from the initial try-on, so it isn’t quite on properly, but I think you get the idea. The Morticia fastens with a steel busk at the front, and laces at the back with sturdy cord, which I somehow didn’t think to get a picture of. I think in this picture my waist measurement was around 31 inches, reduced to 29 inches. I didn’t take a comparison picture at the time, so the uncorseted picture is from this month (as you might be able to tell looking closely – anyone for a game of spot the difference? :P). The Morticia gives a fantastic, visibly smoothed out silhouette, and I was surprised at how different I looked even though the measurable difference was only 2 inches.

WKD Morticia 24 -  Clothed on off comparison

The appearance of the corset under clothes. I do find under thinner clothes that the seams/boning in the corset are visible, so some may find it necessary to wear an extra layer (such as shapewear) on top of their corset. I would also make sure you put on any hosiery and shoes before putting the corset on, or make sure you have someone to help you  – I found that I had a lot of trouble reaching my feet with the corset on! Despite having a fantastic appearance, I did find that I had fit issues with the corset, which I think are visible if you compare my regular shape to my corseted shape. My proportions can be difficult to fit into pre-made corsets: I am very short waisted (2-3 inches from underbust to waist), with high hips and a long rise.

This is a very long corset, with a waist to underbust distance of about 6 inches, which means that if I do put the waist at my natural waist, the upper part of the corset digs into the underside of my boobs. If I place it low enough to not dig into my boobs, the waist of the corset sits much lower than my actual waist, which wouldn’t be as much of a problem, but it does move back up.  I found it slightly more comfortable putting my bra on over the corset, as this stopped the corset pushing on the underwires, but it instead created empty space at the bottom of the bra cups when it moved up. Despite the gored hips, the corset can be uncomfortable on my upper hips due to how high they are, but I didn’t have any problems with the length of the lower half itself – I found the length and longline shape to give good coverage and shaping, and I didn’t have any issues with my belly being pushed out the bottom.

IMG_0017 (bands)

The Morticia really is a gorgeous, beautifully constructed corset, but the proportions just aren’t quite right for me. The corset measurements are listed on the item page (under ‘Details’), so if you are considering any of their corsets, I would recommend measuring yourself and making sure your proportions are reasonably close to them. For those who are more long-waisted, the Morticia could definitely be worth trying – I’ve seen it work on so many beautiful ladies, and I’m sure there are many more who will love this!

– length along front busk 13.25″
– underbust to hip 10.75″
– side length from underarm to waist 6.75″
– side length from waist to bottom 5.25″

For more reviews of the Morticia, check out Fuller Figure Fuller BustCurvy Wordy and Invest In Your Chest.

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