Lovely Lingerie Blogs
 (32B) – “Petite small-cup bras”
(28H/HH)  – “Skinny, curvy, geeky”
Bra Nightmares (40H) – “Blogging about bras in Finnish and in English”
Bras I Hate & Love (30H) – “A blog for the times when you want something better for your boobs”
Braless in Brasil (32JJ)
Bravolution (28H) – “Tips and advice to help women of all sizes find their best fitting bra!”
Busts4Justice (28GG/30G) – “Blogging boobs, brains & bra campaigns…”
Busty and Thrifty (32G)
Busts of Gotham (30G)
By Baby’s Rules (28J) – “Saying what I want to say one random blog at a time”
Contrary Kiwi (30FF) – “Respect, God, bras and body image, yo”
CurvyHK (28GG) – “Asian-chested is not an Oxymoron”
Curvy Wordy (30KK/L) – “One woman’s quest to find lingerie and stylish clothing to suit her extremely voluptuous hourglass figure.”
Dimpsey Bra Fit (26G/GG)
Dressing Curves (26K/JJ)
Faustine’s Foundations (32G) – “Lingerie notes from an American girl”
Fuller Figure Fuller Bust (34HH/36H) – “A fashion and lingerie blog with a little extra padding”
Fussy Busty (38J, 28FF, and 34H) – “Lingerie knows no size”
Hourglassy (34H)- “Above average style for the above average bust”
Invest in Your Chest (30FF & 30GG) – “A lingerie and bra-fitting blog”
Kurvendiskussionen (30C/D)
Le Curvy Kitten (28GG/H) – “Dressing a curvier figure, with everything from lingerie to clothes, and maybe a few other bits and bobs thrown in for good measure.”
Les Gros Bonnets (34KK)
Love Your Bust (28F)
Miss Underpinnings (28GG)
Muscular Hourglass (30G) – “Muscles and Curves”
Nothing Ever Fits (32E) – “Story of my love-hate relationships with bras and clothes”
Obsessed With Breasts (28JJ) – “Chronicling the trials and troubles of being DD+ in an A-D world”
Of Lambs and Lace (30C) – “A lamb with a passion for beautiful lingerie.”
Quest for the Perfect Bra (28H) – “The musings of a D+ braficionado”
Red Hair and Girly Flair (30G) – “Body image. Health. Fashion.”
Rock the Curves (34GG) – “Bras, clothes, body image”
Small Bust, Big Heart (32AA) – “The blog for small busted women”
Sophia Jenner (mostly 30GG reviews, currently 34HHish) – “Lingerie and fashion enthusiast”
StackDD+ (28J) – “Real support, encouragement, and researched info for full-busted women”
Sweet Nothings – “Everyone deserves a little sweetness”
That Bra Does Not Fit Her (28FF) – “Your band is too big and your cups are too small”
The Changing Room Diaries (32H)
The Feminine Curve (28FF) – “An Hourglass Bra & Clothes Review Blog”
The Full Figured Chest  (32J/34HH) – “Lingerie blogging and copywriting services”
The Lingerie Addict
The Lingerie Lesbian (34B) – “You’ve heard of a Lipstick Lesbian? Well I’m a Lingerie Lesbian, which means I have an unhealthy obsession with cute panties, corsets & garter belts.”
Thin and Curvy (24K/26JJ, 32HH/J) – “…Not an oxymoron”
Two Cakes on a Plate (30FF) – “A blog about bras and how they should fit”
Undercover Lingerista (28FF/G) – “Solving all your under-mares”
UndieGamer (28FF/G)
Undressed to Impress (26GG/28G)
Venusian Glow (28DD) – “A natural approach to a more beautiful you”
Voluptuously Thin (28JJ/30J) – “Voluptuous, but beautiful”
Warning: Curves Ahead (32FF/34F)
Weirdly Shaped & Well Photographed (28K/KK) – “… a blog about clothing for curves, bras for giant boobs (and tiny backs!), and escaping the scourge of the dreaded boobloaf and buttchest.”
XL Hourglass (34JJ)

Lingerie Retailer Blogs
Bra Stop – “The A to Z of D to K bras from the Official blog”
Broods Big Bras (36K/KK) – “Exclusively Curvy Kate D-K cup bras”
Butterfly Collection – “A place for D-K cup women to love, laugh and live big boobs”
Esty Lingerie
Large Cup Lingerie
Linda Unhooked – “Your inside guide to bras, fashion & your fabulous boobs”
Sophisticated Pair (30H/HH, 34E/32F) – “Lingerie fit for your curves”

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  1. Would you please add my blog to the list? 🙂 Maybe you haven’t heard of my blog, or maybe you have, and you don’t think I belong in the “lovely” category 😦 boohoo for me haha

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