My Blog’s 1st Birthday: The Winners


I hope that everyone has enjoyed my little giveaway! Once again, I’d like to give a huge thank you to my readers, sharers and supporters, and to the sponsors of the giveaway – definitely a fantastic few! 🙂

Now, drum roll, please!

A £50 voucher for Large Cup Lingerie: Tiina Repo

A top or shirt from Urkye: Patricia Tran

One bra band tightener from Rixie Clip: Chrystine Robinson, Elika Roohi

A £30 voucher for Esty Lingerie: Adena Morgan

All winners were selected at random by the Rafflecopter software. All winners have been emailed, and the companies should be getting in touch with you soon. Congratulations to all who won, and thank you to all who entered. I hope you stick around!

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My Blog’s 1st Birthday: Esty Lingerie

Esty Lingerie is an online luxury lingerie boutique, set up as a place for independent lingerie designers to showcase and sell their pieces. It was created in 2009 by Estelle Puleston, who acts as both managing director and designer for the site’s own-branded range.


The Esty Lingerie line offers handmade, luxury pieces at affordable prices. Their latest collection, “Black Magic”, was launched in December, and features a luxurious blend of satin and lace in elegant black and gold. I love the satin kimono robe!

Black Magic kimono

Esty stock corsets, babydolls, knickers, hosiery, garters and much more. From bondage to bridal, there is a huge variety of pieces available. Though they don’t have many large-cup items, there are still some gorgeous choices…

Lilly Wiggler Summer City

The “Summer Girl” set by Lilly Wiggler is one of my favourite sets of all time. Though this set in particular is only available up to an F cup, Lilly Wiggler has some other choices going right up to a K cup.


Wonder Woman high-waisted knickers and Rainbow print ruffle back knickers, both by Knickerocker.

Frantic About Frances pin up set

A small-cup offering, but it’s so gorgeous I had to include it! The “It Takes All Sorts” pin-up style longline bra and knickers by Frantic About Frances, 32-36 B-D.

Mistress Collection side-tie knickers

Silk side-tie knickers by The Mistress Collection. These come in various colours, but the violet’s definitely my favourite – so sultry!

If you were hoping to try any of the above, here’s your chance! Esty Lingerie have very kindly offered the prize of a £30 gift voucher to spend with them! To enter, follow the link below and complete the Rafflecopter tasks.

Good luck!


Esty Lingerie on Facebook
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Images courtesy of Esty Lingerie

My Blog’s 1st Birthday: Urkye

Urkye are a Polish boob-friendly clothes brand. Though they only officially launched in June 2012, Ula has been documenting her creations online since September 2009. She has a passion for creating new things, something which is very clear from her sewing blog!


Offering a variety of tops, dresses and cardigans, Urkye definitely fill a gap in the big-boob-market for more casual clothing. I particularly love the Kieska dress – the lack of pockets in most women’s clothes annoys me no end, so this is hugely appealing to me!


As well as what is currently available, Urkye plan to add jackets, blazers and coats to their range, and hopefully skirts and maternity wear, which is very exciting stuff!

Dwulicowa Czerwona Tuba

Urkye have very kindly offered a prize of one top or shirt of the winner’s choice! Personally, I’m loving the Tuba top!  To enter, follow the link below and complete the Rafflecopter tasks.

Good luck!


Urkye on Facebook

Images courtesy of Urkye

My Blog’s 1st Birthday: The Rixie Clip

The Rixie Clip (patent pending) is the world’s first bra band tightener, specifically designed to give a tighter, customised and comfortable fit, without altering the bra itself.

Rixie main

The Rixie Clip was thought up by a couple who, noticing poorly fitting bras and wardrobe malfunctions everywhere they looked, decided to take matters into their own hands. A few experiments later, and the Rixie Clip was born!

Rixie before after

Clearly a stroke of genius, the Rixie Clip team aims to fix a lot of problems in the bra fitting world. The Rixie Clip can be used by those who:
1) Have weight fluctuations
2) Are between band sizes
3) Need smaller bands than they can find
4) Have stretched out bras that need new life

Rixie applied

Retailing for $9.95 for one clip or $24.95 for three, they are available to buy through eBay or etsy. As they are a fairly new company, only two-hook fastenings are currently available, but 1, 3 and 4 hook closures are in the works. With glittering reviews from bloggers including CurvyWordy, Bravolution and Thin And Curvy, the Rixie Clip is definitely making a splash! As such, I am very excited to offer a chance to try them out yourself: Rixie Clip have very kindly offered two clips as prizes, each to go to different winners, and the colour of the winners’ choice! To enter, follow the link below and complete the Rafflecopter tasks.

Good luck!


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Images courtesy of Rixie Clip

My Blog’s 1st Birthday: Large Cup Lingerie

Large Cup Lingerie are an online retailer, specialising in sexy and well fitting lingerie for curvy ladies.

LCL logo

Founded in 2010, they believe voluptuous girls should be able to choose from a range of fashionable bras. They aim to provide something for everyone, stocking a variety of brands in 28-40 D-K.

Freya Piper longline

Along with their range of bras, they boast fast shipping and great customer service, which I’m pleased to say I have experienced first hand! They offer free worldwide shipping and free returns in the UK, something which is very handy for those trying to find their perfect fit!

Masquerade Rhea black

With new stock arriving every month, there’s always something new to tempt you – the Freya Lacey is definitely tempting me! As well as offering a monthly newsletter to keep up with their latest news, they also have their own blog, covering everything from bra fitting to help with giving gifts.

Large Cup Lingerie have very kindly offered the prize of a £50 gift voucher to spend with them! To enter, follow the link below and complete the Rafflecopter tasks.

Good luck!


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Images courtesy of Large Cup Lingerie

One year of blogging!


Though it doesn’t seem like it, the first proper post I made was exactly one year ago today! I can’t actually believe I’ve made it to a whole year! Admittedly I’ve never been the most frequent poster, but I like to think I’ve made an impact in my own way. For me, it’s fantastic to write about something I love, and the messages from women I’ve helped never fail to make my day!

My blog really took off back in February, when my response to the “real women” debate went viral…

Real women

…And again with my post “Putting your bra on properly“, which is now my most-viewed wordpress post of all time!

As of today, Bras and Body Image has over 80,000 wordpress views, and over 750 followers between wordpress, tumblr and twitter, some numbers I never expected to see! For every comment, like, subscribe, reblog, I want to thank everyone who made my blog what it is today. Not only have I loved blogging itself, but my blog has also allowed me to meet some of the most wonderful women, who have changed my life in so many ways. I can honestly say I don’t know where I’d be without them!

To celebrate this milestone and get you as excited as I am, I’ve organised a little giveaway! It will be in the form of prize draws done via Rafflecopter, so hopefully everyone will find it easy to enter! I’ll be putting up the posts about the prizes and the companies offering them in a couple of days. Each draw will last two weeks, and the winners will be announced in a blog post!

Once again, thank you to everyone – readers, sharers and supporters. I have had a wonderful first year of blogging. Here’s to many more!

Prize draws:

Prize draws will run for two weeks: starting 18:00 09/01/2013, ending 18:00 23/01/2013 (GMT). No entries will be accepted after this. Winners will be selected at random by the Rafflecopter software.
There is no limit on how many giveaways you can enter. If tweeting to enter, you cannot use the same tweet for more than one entry: each separate entry, whether for the same giveaway or not, must be with a different tweet. Duplicate tweet entries will be removed before the draw. Please ensure any comments left as an entry have your name, so you can be identified should you win. If you are unidentifiable another name will be drawn.

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